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 The Dead Sea Sisters

The Dead Sea Sisters draw from America’s trove of early folk and blues music, as well as traditional and contemporary Israeli songs, bringing a sweetness and warmth to well-worn classics and lesser known treasures.

Wild Goats!

Oldtime and bluegrass neo-trad band!  Upbeat and lively 4-piece!


 Dubl Handi

Rhythmic percussion and banjo duo!



Image courtesy of Elan Artists agency

Hilary Hawke & the Flipsides is no straight up country cover band. With a line-up of great musicians, they could play a traditional country and bluegrass show, and they are definitely rooted in this style. But the band’s unique, devil-may-care songwriting leaves a big impression. Songs loaded with the imagery of crow’s, horses, mountains and lost love is enhanced by the groups full-on harmonies, background singing and unique musicianship.  Hawke is the leader of the band, and main songwriter on banjo and guitar.  Although all members contribute to creating the arrangements and adding original songs.

Rick Snell-Guitar

Jacob Tilove-Mandolin

Ian Riggs-Bass

Brian Geltner-Drums

Hilary Hawke-Guitar, Banjo



The M SHANGHAI STRING BAND of Brooklyn, New York, started in 2002 as a monthly show in the basement of a local chinese restaurant, the M Shanghai Bistro. Locals began to call the band "M Shanghai". The name stuck. The crowds grew. timeless original music played with a sense of abandon, captured completely live.

Resonator Guitar: Austin Hughes

Fiddle: Philiippa Thompson, Glendon Jones 

Bass: Patty Hughes, Harrison Cannon 

Guitar: Matt Schickele 

Mandolin: Richard Morris

Banjo: Hilary Hawke

Drums/Percussion: Brian Geltner