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Exciting news! In the "Best Of" awards for NYC :

DUBL HANDI Wins best Bluegrass Band from Village Voice!

  Dubl Handi  is Hilary Hawke and Brian Geltner.  The percussive and uplifting Oldtimey/Roots trio,  Dubl Handi, is pronounced, Double Handy.  In the tradition of folk music around the word rhythmic groove is a pervasive thread.  Dubl Handi uses percussion, guitar, voice and banjo to play songs from the appalachian region of the Northeast States.  At live shows, Dubl Handi often plays with guitarist Wyndham Baird, or Jon Ladeau (pictured) to fill out the sound. Currently the full band-Dubl Handi is now playing under the name the Wild Goats. See tab for Wild Goats!


 photo by Jim Colvin

I'm pleased to announce that the fine people of Columbus Washboard Company, maker of Dubl Handi washboards have teamed up with Dubl Handi to help us spread the good word of their company and to spread our music!  We're psyched to have their support! It also means you can pick up one of their musical washboards at our shows!  

United States booking:  please contact: hilaryhawke@yahoo.com

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Website: www.dublhandimusic.com